Rogue Angel #2: Solomon’s Jar by Alex Archer

Solomon’s Jar by Alex Archer
Series: Rogue Angel
Published by Graphic Audio on March 1, 2007
Genres: Action, Adventure, Mystery
Pages: 360 : Audio CD
Source: Borrowed from my local library
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In the second installment of Alex Archer’s Rogue Angel saga, which features protagonist Annja Creed (spiritual descendant Joan of Arc and her fated successor as “champion of the good”), the intrepid archeologist sets off to find Solomon’s Jar, an invaluable biblical artifact that King Solomon allegedly used to entrap the numerous demons he used to build his temple in Jerusalem.

With the help of her enigmatic mentor, a centuries-old man named Roux, Creed sets off to verify if the Jar — believed to be forever lost at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea — was in fact recovered. Following leads from Peru to the Netherlands to Israel to Brazil, Creed struggles to stay one step ahead of gun-toting factions (including Russian mobsters, English cultists, and the fanatical followers of a charismatic kabbalist) bent on finding and exploiting the Jar’s supernatural powers. But once Creed locates Solomon’s Jar, will its intrinsically evil powers influence her resolve to do God’s will?

I’ve come to realize that I love listening to these audio books more than reading the actual book itself. There’s just so much more adventure thrown in and Graphic Audio does all these great sound effects as well which really add to the story. I guess there slogan “A movie in your mind,” is the best way to describe it.

As for this story itself, I didn’t like this Rogue Angel as much as previous one’s that I’ve read. I felt there was way too many fighting scenes thrown in and not a lot of historical focus on Solomon’s Jar itself, let alone the hunt for it. I guess I just wasn’t that impressed with this ghost writer’s way of writing.

Annja herself though, the main character, stays as kick ass as ever and continues to string me along on her adventures. I cannot wait to start listening to the next one in the series!

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