The Man In the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie

book cover of  The Man in the Brown Suit   (Colonel Race, book 1) by Agatha Christie
How much it cost me: $3.00 (bought from used bookstore)
Retail price: $6.00
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Number of pages: 228
Soooo this is by far one of my favorite Agatha Christie books! I love that it’s in first person point of view (normally Agatha Christie’s books are third-person) and I just enjoyed the overall story! So the girl in the story (Anne) travels to South Africa to solve a murder-mystery and she encounters a whole assortment of characters along the way that are all very hilarious. This Agatha Christie novel was a bit more light then her other one’s which sometimes seem more dark and depressing. This book also was not a Hercule Poriot or Miss Marple which I also liked because then I could take a break from those.
Of course I was kept guessing until the end on who murdered the poor people but that always makes it more exciting doesn’t it? And Agatha Christie is not called the #1 Mystery Bestseller for nothing; this mystery had tons of twists and turns that you have to follow carefully but in the end it’s worth it because everything starts to add up quickly. So yes I would give this a Paige-Turn!!
Hope you enjoyed this quick little review! Right now I’m reading Pop Tart by Kira Coplin and Julianne Kaye so hopefully you’ll be seeing a review of that in the next week or so!
See you soon!

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