Mom Made Us Write This In the Summer by Ali Maier

Mom Made Us Write This In the Summer by Alie Maier
Series: Mom Made Us Write This
Published by Erie Island Media on October 3, 2013
Genres: Middle Grade, Journal
Pages: 208 : Paperback edition
Source: Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
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A sister and brother, forced to write in the summer, and share ONE journal? Ugh.

This is exactly what happens to 10-year-old twins Maggie and Max Pruitt. When Mom comes up with a plan for them to keep a summer journal, Maggie and Max can’t believe it. Worse yet, they have to share!

Through their writing, Maggie and Max find out they have very different (and hilarious) views about growing up, family and life – a conclusion they only discovered because, as Max and Maggie say, “Mom Made Us Write This.”

Positive, creative and fun for classrooms and families! -Mrs. Jane Jagielo, 4th Grade Teacher

It’s always so much fun for me to read middle/elementary grade novels (now as an adult) because it definitely takes me back to my childhood and all the carefree days that went along with being young. Oh gosh I’m aging myself aren’t I?

Anyways, this was such a great little story for kids who are going into 5th grade (much like the Max and Maggie in the story) and goes tackles some great themes like sibling rivalry, standing up for each other, getting along, and most of all, sharing. The format of the novel is ingenious as well because the switching viewpoints allows for the reader to hear situations from two different perspectives and teach kids about being open minded towards each other.

I also really enjoyed the illustrations and the difference in the font so that when either Max or Maggie was talking their tones changed in my head. I think a lot of different kids would enjoy this and I highly recommend it to many different age groups!

About the author:

Ali Maier was born in Johnstown, PA. In high school she spent a lot of time with children, working as a summer camp counselor for many years, volunteering to teach Sunday school at church, working in the local day-care center, and working as a kindergarten aide.

She went to John Carroll University and earned a BA in Elementary Education. Throughout college, Ali worked at a local toy store then worked in product development at a company making art and craft kits for kids.Ali Maier Color Headshot

Eventually Ali left her job to work full time with her husband, Mark, at their marketing company. When her children were born, she worked from home.

Ali lives in a Cleveland suburb with her husband and two children. She loves to read, write and spend time with her family.

Ali chose to write the Mom Made Us Write This series to encourage young readers to do something she loves – to read! Ali wanted to write a book series that would allow readers to laugh and encourage them to write and share their own stories.

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