Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel

book cover of   Cruel Summer   by  Alyson Noël
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Number of pages: 229
I was pleasantly surprised with this book! I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. For me, it was a little tough getting into because Colby (the main character) seemed whiny and superficial, which she clearly states later on that she is, but she definitely grew and developed, which helped the plot move along.
This was one of those books that I always have an inner conflict with because I want to read it faster so I know what happens next, but I also want to drag it out and savor each page because it was just SO GOOD.
So the basis of this story is Colby is from sunny California, and her parents are getting a divorce so they ship her off to Greece to live with her, supposedly, crazy aunt Tally for the summer while her parents sort out all the legal issues of the divorce.
Colby feels that her parents are ruining her life and just as she had an “in” with the popular crowd and maybe a shot with a really hot guy she has to leave. However, a surprising twist occurs when she meets an even hotter more in depth guy in Greece, and learns a lot about her own superficial personality.
Colby wasn’t someone I could completely relate with, but that didn’t cause me to have less feeling for her. Often I would stop and think “oh my gosh, shut up and just get over it” but then I was like wait. Colby is going through some definite emotional turmoil, her parents divorce, and the possibility of being uprooted from her hometown. No teenage girl or boy ever wishes that, so I was definitely sympathetic towards her. One thing I absolutely could not relate to was Colby’s fascination with the “popular” crowd at her school. I’ve always found these characters slightly annoying because once you graduate high school those people will never matter to you anymore so what’s the point trying to fake your life for someone? Be yourself! Have fun! Don’t blend in with the crowd! (Okay I promise, I’m done with my motivational speaking)
The scenery and setting was described so beautifully, it made me wish it was actually summer and that I was on a Greek beach. (I’ve been reading a lot of summer books lately…I think subconsciously I’m telling myself that I’m ready for winter to be over)
Anyways, I loved all the characters (except for Colby’s “popular” friends. Ugh so annoying). They all had their own quirks and such different personalities that it was like I was meeting them in real life and I wanted to keep them close to me for a really long time. 
Overall, an excellent read and I cannot wait to check out more of Alyson Noel’s work. Her way of writing is so..real. As if she took all the thoughts from my brain and threw them into a book with a different setting and different people. That’s how you really connect with readers, and it feels great!
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