Rumors by Anna Godbersen

book cover of   Rumors    (Luxe, book 2)  by  Anna Godbersen
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Number of pages: 423
This was such a great sequel to The Luxe! Once again Anna Godbersen fills her books with suspense, romance, back stabbing, and beautiful descriptions of New York, and all the people in it, during the year 1899. 
Just when you think one thing is going to happen there is a major plot twist and the story turns in a completely different direction. Not many authors can do this very well, but Anna Godbersen succeeds and her stories have, so far, kept me on my toes. 
There’s not many times when I’m reading a book and I want to rush all the way through just to see what is happening next. It has to be a VERY good book for that to happen, and I found myself doing that with this series. The books are long, but they so easy to read and so much fun to read that you don’t even notice how long they are.
In this second installment in The Luxe series, we follow all the same main characters, as they either fight for there way to the top of the social ladder or try to overcome forbidden love. Anna Godbersen writes her stories in such a fresh way, that you are never sure which characters are going to succeed or not, and there are a few times when your loyalties to certain characters change, due to their actions throughout the story.
Often times when there is a plot twist that is not good for a character I found myself rooting them on and hoping that everything would be all right for them. That’s when you know a book is good; when the characters almost seem life-like and you support them like you would any of your best friends. 
In the first book, I said that I didn’t like how the characters didn’t seem to be talking in a way that would have fit for 1899, but in this book the conversations and thoughts of the characters seemed to fit more with the vernacular of people who actually lived in 1899 (maybe more research was done on Ms. Godbersen’s part). Nevertheless the story is still excellent either way! This time around it just seemed more believable. I hope the next book also has flawless speech like this one did, but is also easy to read. Anna Godbersen has the ability to incorporate both into her novels, which is also a hard feat to master.
As usual, this book ended on a complete cliff-hanger and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the third book! I’m going to my local library to pick it up so my questions about the different characters can be answered and I can stop wondering what will happen next!
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