Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Synopsis from Goodreads: Anne Frank’s diaries have always been among the most moving and eloquent documents of the Holocaust. This new edition restores diary entries omitted from the original edition, revealing a new depth to Anne’s dreams, irritations, hardships, and passions. Anne emerges as more real, more human, and more vital than ever. If you’ve never read this remarkable autobiography, do so. If you have read it, you owe it to yourself to read it again.

Number of pages: 256
My review: I had started this book countless times in middle school but for some reason I could never finish. Now, four years later, I have successfully finished it and I loved it! I often had to keep reminding myself that this was not a fictional novel. It was really something, not only Anne Frank, but hundreds of thousands of other people went through. It was extremely humbling to read and made me feel very thankful for the life I have.
It really astounded me how little Anne thought of herself at times, yet she was wise beyond her years. Her clear way of writing was definitely in a no nonsense manner and she did not hold back at all about her thoughts and feelings.
I think what I loved most about Anne was that even though she was scared and had so much tragedy surrounding her, she went through things that every other adolescent girl goes through (squabbles with parents, her first love, competition with siblings, etc.)
I’ve seen in some reviews of Anne Frank’s diary, that people found it boring or dull. Well, ladies and gentlemen, sorry to say it, but that’s the life she lived!
I do hope Anne is up there somewhere looking down on all of us reading her diary. She would be thrilled that she had achieved stardom. I find that extremely sad that the could not see what heights her diary had reached.
That being said, if you have not picked up her diary, you really should. It’s so wonderful and I think it’s one of those books everyone should read.
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