Anthem by Ayn Rand

book cover of   Anthem   by  Ayn Rand
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Number of pages: 105
Wow, wow, wow. I read this as a recommendation from my teacher and it was awesome! It took me only about a half hour to read mainly because it was so short, but also because it was so amazing!
The writing is a little hard to get used to at first (the way that the characters refer to themselves is “we” which confused me because I thought there was always a group of people) but once you get past that, you are able to enjoy the book so much more!
So, this is considered a dystopian novel because it takes place in the future, but it never specifies what time, exactly. In this world, men are separated by how they look and are sent to different schools after they are born. None of the children ever see their parents and boys are separated from girls immediately. For fourteen or fifteen years, the boys are then given a job by a committee who decides their fate for the rest of their lives.
Our main character “Equality 7-2521” (because no names are given in this world) is given the job as street cleaner. He goes to a school to learn more about this trade then enters the real world and for everyday of his life cleans streets. No one in this world lives past 45 and all of the people do as they’re told and keep their heads down. However, Equality 7-2521 does not keep his head down and is curious about things that occur in other parts of his city that he is not being told about. Eventually, he finds a hole where, within this hole/cave, he finds something magnificent. What is this item? Well, the book never really says, and I only made my own assumptions but it seemed powerful because when Equality 7-2521 brings it to the highest people of intellect, they threaten to jail him, but he runs away.
The story continues from there but I don’t want to ruin it for you. There’s also a love interest for Equality 7-2521, which is an adorable sub-plot.
This book is a really quick, short, read and if you can get past the strange writing it is really fantastic. I would recommend it to those who want to challenge their intellect and thoughts, but not for younger kids because they might not understand it.
Overall, it was wonderful and I would totally read it again!
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