Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender

book cover of   Bad Girls Don't Die    (Bad Girls Don't Die, book 1)  by  Katie Alender
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Number of pages: 346
I wish this book had been a lot better. It was good but it didn’t completely grip me, pull me in, and make me want to spend hours upon hours reading its pages.
The story follows Alexis as she tries to cope with whether or not her sister Kasey (I hate that name so I’m glad they cast her as the sort of villain in this book) has become possessed. Alexis realized that this slight possession started when they moved into their new, grand, and Gothic house a few years ago. However, lately the possession has started to become more violent and controlling of Kasey’s body. Alexis wants to get to the bottom of this sort of mystery of who’s possessing her sister and why before Kasey begins to harm any more people or herself.
I have to admit, based on the way Kasey treats Alexis while she’s possessed it’s a miracle that Alexis wants to help her sister. Any normal person would think they’re sibling is going crazy, would tell their parents, and attempt to get them diagnosed with some mental disorder (By the way I found that a little unrealistic about this book; there was hardly ANY parent interactions. Yes, her mom worked long nights and her dad was in the hospital but that’s beside the point).
This book was written a little strangely. I don’t think I really liked Kate Alender’s writing style. The way things are described and told leaves a lot of room for you to fill in the blanks yourself and I typically don’t like doing that when I’m reading because I might assume something and then find out later it was wrong, so it changes the whole dynamic of the story.
Either way I gave this book three stars out of five, but I was being liberal so it probably deserved a 2.5. I will not be reading the next books because this one ended really solidly so I don’t feel the need to have to know what happens next.
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