Tan Lines by Katherine Applegate

book cover of   Tan Lines    (Summer)  by  Katherine Applegate
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Number of pages: 539
Out of the three books that I’ve read in the “Summer” series I think I like this one second best. The first book in the series, Beach Blondes, was definitely the most light hearted and was just a fun novel to read (with a whopping 700 pages!). Spring Break had too many issues that I didn’t think we’re believable (see my last review for more on that). But this one, it was good. Not great but good. It had that light hearted feel, but also delved deeper into the characters problems which was really nice. We were finally able to see some of the darker and more cynical sides of the characters, which was kind of relieving since in Beach Blondes they all seemed sort of picture perfect. Well, maybe not ALL of them…
Anyways, Summer is back in Florida for the summer and she has found an apartment with her cousin/friend Diana and her other friend Marquez. Summer hopes once again to rekindle her romance with Seth but he’s all the way in California for an internship, and Austin, the guy she met over spring break is conveniently working just downstairs. Marquez is dealing with some guy issues of her own, but more importantly is dealing with some weight loss issues and her friends are constantly telling her to take care of herself and to stop losing so much weight so quickly, but in a typical Marquez fashion she doesn’t listen. Good old Marquez, I wish more people were more headstrong like her. She’s definitely one of the best characters in the book. If there was a spin-off series with her as the main character I think I’d like it even better than the “Summer” novels. Diana is her typical moody self, brooding when alone and being mysterious whilst in public.
There is one more book after this one in the series but I actually could see how this would be a good conclusion. The plot lines were worked out well and tied up quite nicely (although at times I felt it was tied up TOO quickly and nicely). I definitely can’t wait to start reading the next one Sun-Kissed Christmas. The synopsis sounds like another crazy break from school for Summer. 
You know, on the outside she seems like the perfect character but when you really think about it, she goes through a lot with emotional family turmoil, trying to keep her friends from tearing each other’s throats out, and dealing with the many boys in her life who “love” her (I put love in quotes there because I feel like all the characters throw the word around a little too loosely). 
Overall, a great ending to a few plot lines but I definitely can’t wait to finish the series. After all the problems I had with Spring Break this was definitely a better follow up book and put my faith back into the series.
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