Bite Me! by Melissa Francis

book cover of   Bite Me!    (AJ Ashe, book 1)  by  Melissa Francis
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Number of pages: 296
I wanted to like this book, I really did, but right off the bat it was sooo dry and a tad boring. Our story starts off with AJ being at her mom’s wedding and she’s considering how unfair it is that she will no longer be able to date her boyfriend, Ryan, because he is now her step brother (Awkward!). Anyways, she still obviously has feelings for him and he still has feelings for her but she pushes him away in the hopes that they will be able to move on from each other. AJ is also a vampire, but no one except her mom and twin sisters know because they are also vampires.
When AJ attends a party that night, on the last day of summer, she consumes some alcohol and is unsure of whether or not she turned one of her fellow classmates into a vampire. So, already within the first few chapters AJ is going through a huge amount of inner turmoil, but it just seems so…fake. Like she wasn’t really all that fazed by it, and it didn’t come across as real to me. I also didn’t like the way she handled some situations. She could have been a really strong, central, female character but the way she is written is so…dumb. AJ sounds like a typical dumb blonde (not that I’m saying blondes are dumb, just stating the stereotype). I also didn’t like how the story was a little too unbelievable; like that she was able to sneak out that easily or defy her mom that many times and get away with it. 
Anyways, AJ decides to go into some research from her past, all while trying to keep her two friends from fighting, coping with the fact that she can’t show anything more than brotherly affection towards Ryan, and trying to hide the fact that she is a vampire. 
Something I really did like about this book though was AJ was already secure in the fact that she was a vampire and didn’t really whine about it too much like “I’m so different! Wahhh!” or, “I have to drink blood and do all this other vampy stuff”. It was just a fact; she was a vampire. Done deal.
But the rest of the story was dry, it never got exciting (although it definitely attempted to have some plot twists which were way too easy to see ahead of time). The cover really enticed me on this one, and it really shouldn’t have. Sad to say, the story within is as tacky as the cover itself. There’s also a sequel, but I won’t be picking it up because the supposedly “cliffhanger” this one ended on doesn’t compel me enough to buy the next one.
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