Bookmarked for Death by Lorna Barrett

book cover of  Bookmarked For Death   (Booktown Mystery, book 2) by Lorna Barrett
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Number of pages: 297
I’m going to try to not have any spoilers in this review, but if I have a slip up, then I’m sorry!
So, as usual I loved this cozy mystery! These books are so good! The stories are adorable and I loved how Lorna Barrett puts other side plots into the story that sometimes help solve the murder or that just make the story more interesting. The way Tricia (the main character) solves the mysteries is not the same as in the last book which is really nice because some mystery books get really repetitive.
I just love how cute the whole series has been so far! I’ve come to the conclusion though that these stories are more geared towards women. Like I don’t think men would like these as much. Is it because the main character is a woman? Perhaps, but there are more strong female characters then men.
I think high schoolers could read this too (I mean look at me!) as well as adults. A great read, for a lot of age groups!
I’ve already started the third book, which I’m borrowing from my library for the time being. I’m sure I will get through that one quickly! Gotta go! Dinner’s awaiting!!
See you soon!
P.S. Today was my last day of school so I have 2 wonderful weeks of break which means lot’s of reading! Yay!

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