Casey Barnes Eponymous by E.A. Rigg

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Number of pages: 220
Wow, wow, wow! I literally JUST finished this book and I cannot express to you how much I LOVED it!!! (Although I am trying to express it with all the capitalization and exclamation points)
Casey Barnes Eponymous is not your typical music girl/band book. It’s that and so much more. Casey is a witty and sarcastic sophomore who is cruelly dumped by her boyfriend, Alex, at the beginning of the school year. However, she wants to get Alex back and comes up with a plan to make a band and perform in the talent show so she can show him that there’s so much more to her and that he’s missing out. Casey has this picture-perfect view of Alex, but her brother Yull and some of her friends see him for what he really is; a player, and try to defer her plan to win Alex back. Bring in some boy rivalry, mixed feelings, and hilarious escapades with her best friend Leigh, and lot’s of music playlists, and that’s Casey Barnes Eponymous in a nutshell.
Throughout the whole book I was thinking how it felt like Casey was my best friend and was gossiping all the tales and adventures that she was going through, because that’s how relatable she was. Usually I don’t like books about girls who are musicians or who are in bands because I just can’t relate to them, but Casey was different.
I loved all the different music references throughout the book. I have a very limited music library on my iPod with mainly two artists (one being Coldplay and the other…well, NOT Coldplay) So, this was a great way to introduce me to some new music (I’m actually listening to one of the songs referenced in the book, right now as I’m writing this!)
I thought the book was such a fun read and totally got me back into the school mood (since I’m starting again on Tuesday). I hope my year can be as adventurous and crazy as Casey’s was. Do I wish there could be a sequel? Yes, just so I can read more about Casey, but otherwise the story ended perfectly.
This is definitely one of my all-time favorite books and, like I said before, I cannot stress how awesome this book was and how much I loved it!!! (More capitalization and exclamation points for emphasis)
Thank you E.A. Rigg for sending me a copy of this on my Kindle, it’s definitely a book I will be reading again and again! And I also love the cover! It’s so cute!
See you soon!

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