Chapter and Hearse by Lorna Barrett

book cover of  Chapter and Hearse   (Booktown Mystery, book 4) by Lorna Barrett
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Number of pages: 320
So, unlike the Kate Kennedy cozy mystery series by Nora Charles, this series HAS to be read in order! A lot of things won’t make sense if you don’t. I noticed that when the lives of the characters started to get more personal and let’s just say a few of them may start…disappearing. (I don’t want to give anything more away than that!)
Still a pretty good series, although it’s still being kind of repetitive. One thing I didn’t really like in this book was Tricia (the main character) is always SO nice to everyone even if she doesn’t like them. Like okay there’s a point of being civil but sometimes she takes it too far which is a little annoying. Also she’s sooo nice to everyone and all that her friends say back is thank you and she doesn’t even bat an eye. She doesn’t expect anyone to do anything nice for her which makes her a little spineless in that category.
The way people are dying has changed but basically it’s the same characters doing to the same old thing to solve the crime. Have some originality! Bring in a new character! Add some amazing twist! Hopefully the next book in the series will be more unpredictable than the last couple have been. And I can tell I’m getting frustrated with the story lines when half way through the book I’m thinking, “When is this book going to be over?” and when I set it down and I have time to read I think, “I guess I should read that to get it over with, so I can move on to the next series.” but then the story has some high points that help me stay interested.
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