Diary of a Vampeen by Christin Lovell

Diary of a Vampeen
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Number of pages: 270
So this was a free book that I found in the Amazon store for my Kindle and I had really high hopes for it. I really had hoped this ebook was going to be a quick short fun romance read about vampires but I only got through 63% of the book. (On Kindle ebooks, there isn’t page numbers just percentages.)
I really tried to get through this book. I would put it down for awhile and then come back, but I just got more and more disinterested and I finally realized that I can’t be wasting my time trying to read this when I have other books I need to read. Also, I didn’t feel to bad about tossing this ebook it the electronic garbage because it was, after all, free.
A couple of reasons why I didn’t like it:
The language. There wasn’t cursing but the characters tried to use language that is apparently “cool” these days but it came off fake and I couldn’t relate to it.
The characters themselves. I hated ALL of them!!! They didn’t connect with me and they all had pesky habits that I could not stand.
The action. Wait. What action? This book could be 100 times better if the story was sped up, the action heightened, and a bunch of crap left out. I hated how this story dragged on and on.
So, this does not get a Paige-Turn for me. If any one’s interested though I think it’s a trilogy on the Kindle and the other books are $3.
See you soon!

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