Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

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How much the book cost me: Free! Recieved this book through PaperBackSwap!
Retail price (paperback): $6.95
Number of pages: 277
Oh man this book was excellent! It was my first Gabrielle Zevin book and I can’t believe that I didn’t start it sooner! (I got the book about 3 months ago and finally picked it up yesterday!) I finished the book in one day it was so good! All of the characters grow and mature so much and I grew very attached to each of them. This book made me cry two times I believe. And that’s saying something! I grew so attached to the book that once I got to the last page I couldn’t believe that it was over and I went back and read the last chapter a few times.
The plot itself was very original and unlike anything I have read before. The setting was pretty descriptive but to a point where I could imagine how the landscape looked in Elsewhere and how the characters themselves looked.
Gabrielle Zevin’s writing is exquisite and there were a bunch of times as I was reading the book that I just stopped and thought about the sentence that she had chosen. Everytime I did this I realized, “Wow that would be a really good quote just by itself!” Not many authors have the capabilites of doing that; where they are able to form sentences that still go along with the story but can also stand on there own.
Overall, I give this a Paige-Turn (A Paige-Turn means that it’s a really great read, basically 5 out of 5 stars)
Hope you enjoyed!

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