Entangled by Nikki Jefford

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Number of pages: 303
Holy. Crap. What a fantastic book! (And a beautiful cover to pair it with) When I first started I didn’t think I would like it because it felt sort of rushed for the first like quarter but in the end I though that was a good thing because it led to, not only, more character development later on, but also let the story move and flow faster. 
The cover was what really drew me into this book, and once I started reading I couldn’t stop! The plot never slowed down for a second and I kept wanting to find out more and more. So here’s what happens:
Graylee and her twin Charlene are both witches (so is their mom and a few other people in the town, and they often meet to practice and master their magic) and the twins don’t get along very well. Graylee feels that Charlene is annoying and over-dramatic and Charlene feels that their mother dotes on Graylee more than herself. Charlene is also one of the most popular girls at school while Graylee blends into the crowd.
Right from the start we learn that Charlene’s boyfriend has broken up with her and she plans to get revenge on the girl that stole her boyfriend, Blake, away. Around the same time Graylee dies in her sleep very suddenly.
Graylee doesn’t realize this and one day wakes up in Charlene’s body, but then learns from her mom that Charlene is not gone; the sisters are stuck sharing the same body. Graylee gets to be present every other day. Seeing this struggle that Graylee has to overcome while being in Charlene’s body and dealing with her “rules” was interesting to see. Even though they are twins they act very differently within their own bodies and that was cool to see the characters overcome.
This obviously leads to complications within the girls’ lives (i.e. whose friends to hang out with, what clothes to wear) and all the while Graylee is trying to figure out how she died. Graylee enlists the help of Raj who is a warlock (or a “healer” as his mom prefers to call themselves) and so begins the journey of a very confusing, roller-coaster ride of a friendship. Raj may be harboring hidden feelings for Graylee while Graylee believes that he despises her and will only help her if she teaches him her invisibility spell. 
The pair set out on the task of finding out how Graylee died and how she can live on her own, in either her own body, or a different girls’ body.
This book was just so, so, so, GOOD! I like how the characters accepted the use of magic around their other friends who knew about it and could also perform magic, yet still managed to hide it from the general public. I also liked how real the story felt; as if this could happen to anyone. The settings could have been described a little better (but that’s what imagination is for right?)
I know there are two more books after this one and I cannot wait to read them! (The rest of the covers are just as beautiful too) I am extremely impressed with this book and it is definitely classified as one of my all time favorites.
See you soon!

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