Forbidden by Ryan James and Syrie James

book cover of   Forbidden   by  Ryan M James and   Syrie James
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Number of pages: 410
This book was AMAZING! It was super easy to read and I finished it so quickly because, time just flew by while I was reading. The story follows Claire through her adventures of meeting Alec, an angel at her high school and she discovers the powers that she has as well.
Typically, I’m not drawn to books like this because they’re usually all the same; girl meets immortal/fantastical boy, they fall in love, they are separated, girl mopes around, get together in the end. This story went sort of a different route. Claire wasn’t a “Mary-Sue” (no description of character, is made so that any person reading feels they can be this person, she has no emotions it seems, and complains a lot about the boys in her life-think Bella from Twilight)
Anyways, Claire actually interacted with her friends and told them what was going on in her life, and they supported her and believed her! This was totally new for me because no other books I’ve read like this have taken that approach. Claire also stayed true to her schoolwork which was refreshing because in many of these books people seem to blow off school a lot. She also didn’t become completely self-absorbed with Alec, she participated in other school activities, and even seemed so human to me when she was confused whether she even liked him or not (Mary-Sue’s typically fall immediately in love with the male counterpart).
Alec, was also an amazing character and he seemed so adorable. The pair’s relationship seemed totally believable despite the unbelievable circumstances, and the way they worked through different obstacles was very…refreshing. The whole way the book was written seemed to take a different stance than most teen paranormal romance¬†novels and I really appreciated that.
Overall, I loved this book and I can’t wait to buy it and have it for myself (I checked it out from the library). Also after meeting Syrie James, herself at the L.A. Time Festival of Books, I loved this book even more! Definitely 5 stars!! Check it out for a good quick read!
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