Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

book cover of  Gossip Girl   (Gossip Girl, book 1) by Cecily von Ziegesar
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How much it cost me: Free (Paperbackswap!)
Retail Price: $8.99
Number of pages: 224
Being the second time that I’ve read this book I still love it! Gossip Girl is such a guilty pleasure for me! The story is probably geared more towards like 15 and up I would say due to the explicit material. (drug reference, profane language, and sexually explicit) So yes I am one of those people who LOVE Gossip Girl!
Now, I was browsing the reviews on GoodReads and a lot of people were talking trash on the books/series saying it wasn’t good literature, it’s to risque for teens, the stories are just pointless, etc. Okay let’s address that first point: It’s not good literature. To me, the writing was fine – typical young adult reading level. Of course I think the writing is better than Twilight (well anything is really, that’s such trash) but come on! These books aren’t meant to be studied in schools or discover hidden meangings like an E. E. Cummings poem or something! It’s just fun quick reads!
Next point: It’s to risque for teens. Okay if this is parents saying this then they need to wake up. There are teens out there EVERYWHERE who do drugs, have sex, and party at a very young age! You can’t just hide the fact that that stuff happens! I actually commend Cecily von Ziegesar for writing about this stuff and sort of spreading awarness about it. In the books whenever a person did drugs or partied they always regretted it a little bit because it made them feel awful! This is sort of sending a message like, “Hey! DON’T party! (Or if you do, be safe!!)”
Lastly: The stories are pointless. Um question? Why are you reading if you think  a story is pointless? The POINT of a book is to tell a STORY!!! HELLO! That’s what fiction is!! Fine, then why are you reading Twilight? What’s the point? Teach you how to be a creepy stalker and just give up on life when the guy you like runs away for a couple months?? Gossip Girl’s point (like I said before!) is almost to spread awarness on partying, drugs, and underage sex. The characters do these things and then regret it. Well expect for the stoners but come on-THEY’RE STONERS!
Anyway sorry for my little rant, but I stick up for what I believe in. Overall, I’d give this book a Paige-Turn and I can tell I’m going to devour the rest of the series really quickly.
See you soon!

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