Gossip Girl: The Carlyles by Cecily von Ziegesar

book cover of   Gossip Girl, The Carlyles    (Gossip Girl, The Carlyles, book 1)  by  Annabelle Vestry and   Cecily von Ziegesar
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Number of pages: 243
Wow! Another fantastic book by Cecily von Ziegesar! I think I’m going to like this series more than Gossip Girl! Not really sure why, perhaps the characters were a little more relatable and the story moved along a lot more quickly. There was also a lot less main characters to keep track of. Much easier for the story to move more quickly because then you don’t have to keep going back to one character and then another, and another; in general the story will move much more slowly.
Anyways, so a group of triplets, the Carlyles, move to New York from Nantucket and basically take on the Upper East Side (this is a spin-off series from Gossip Girl, obviously, so there are references to the old characters. For example, the Carlyles live in Blair’s old penthouse). Avery and Baby go to Constance Billard, just like Serena and Blair did. However, this time the girls start out as the nobodies with a famous, dead, grandmother who used to wreck havoc on New York back in her day. 
Avery is trying to become one of the popular girls at Constance Billard and is vying for the position of Student Liaison (the Student Liaison, makes decisions for the rest of the class). Her enemy Jack, short for Jacqueline, is also campaigning for the position, and the girls go on a rampant of back stabbing. Oh fun!
Baby hates the fact that she had to leave Nantucket behind, along with her boyfriend, and is trying to overcome heartache in Manhattan. She is also trying to break as many rules as possible (cussing in French class on the first day? Awesome!) to get kicked out of Constance Billard’s so she can be transported back to home sweet home. However, her views begin to be questioned when she meets some very interesting people…
Owen, the last Carlyle triplet, goes to St. Jude’s and is attempting to get over a girl he had a fling with over the summer in Nantucket. He’s also trying to make some new guy friends, because he didn’t have many before he moved because he was always going after girls and the guys didn’t want to compete with him. Surprise, surprise, however, the guy that Owen befriends has some shocking circumstances that will put Owen in a tight place.
I adore Cecily von Ziegesar’s writing and I can’t wait for the next book. Yes, there is the typical partying, drinking, and overall, misbehavior by teenagers, but you can’t hide this from teens forever! Let them read these books and look at is as a learning tool to show that after the party is over, there’s ugly hangovers to deal with and ruined reputations (doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but to a teenager it is).
Five out of five stars for another name-dropping, trash talking, overall guilty pleasure of a novel! Can’t wait for the rest of the series! I’ve already ordered the next one’s!
See you soon!

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