Gossip Girl: The Carlyles: Take A Chance On Me by Cecily von Ziegesar

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Number of pages: 240
These books are starting to sound too much like the original Gossip Girl series. The way the characters are starting to act and behave is suspiciously similar to Gossip Girl. And you’re probably thinking, well yeah! Cecily von Ziegesar wrote both series’!
But in actuality, she didn’t! She created The Carlyles series, and a lady named Annabelle Vestry was the one who actually wrote the series. And it doesn’t even say her name on the front cover! If I was her I’d be a little upset, because it takes a lot of work to write a book!
But I’m not here to rant and rave about marketing, I’m here for reviews! So let’s move on… (But just a side note about the marketing; I do LOVE that red dress on the right there!! SO cute!)
The series is starting to lose its appeal for me. It started out strong, but is continually becoming weaker and weaker. I’ll still read the fourth book in the series to see how the story ends, but let’s just say I’m glad there’s only four books.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the writing style, the cattiness of the girls, name dropping of designers, restaurants, etc., and the deliciousness of the boys, but the the plots are becoming boring. I had to keep convincing myself to read the book, just so I could be finished! (That’s never a good thing and always a sign that the book is dull from beginning to end)
I also liked these books, at first, a bit more than the original Gossip Girl one’s because there was less drug and sex references, but that’s starting to become more common as well. Again, I’m all for having that in a book, because I am by no means a book burner, but I just had higher hopes for these characters. I also originally though these characters were a little more innocent in the beginning of the series, compared to Gossip Girl, but they’ve become cynical and…dry. Some seem to have little life left in them which leads to a disappointing and unrelateable character.
Normally, we want to look up to these characters and we wish we were like them, but now…They’ve lost their superiority, at least for me they have. They’re less enviable. Because when you start to envy a characters clothes more than their attitude, you know there is a problem.
Overall, I wish the plots were a little more interesting and I hope the next and final book in the series does not disappoint me as much as this one.
See you soon!

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