I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells

book cover of  I Am Not a Serial Killer   (John Cleaver, book 1) by Dan Wells
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Number of pages: 271
When I started this book I actually thought that the main character (John) was much older, but he’s actually a sophomore in high school. Here’s the basic premise of the book; John and his mother live/work in a mortuary and John is fascinated by serial killers and believes that it is his fate to become one. He goes to a therapist so that he can talk about how he suppresses himself and his thoughts about wanting to kill people. John has a variety of rules for himself to keep the demon inside of him, and to prevent himself from turning into a serial killer. Soon a serial killer comes to town and John is in awe with trying to figure out who it is, why they’re making the killings, etc. The rest of the story goes on this great adventure of how John deals with his own inner turmoil and tries to solve the mystery of who the serial killer is.
I had my doubts when starting this book because I thought it would be an adult book, but actually it’s not. It’s written flawlessly and I kept wanting to read more and more and not put it down. I love seeing how John grows and keeps himself in check throughout the story. It’s really an awesome thing to read about.
There’s two more in the series and I will definitely be picking those up because this one was so good. It’s different from what I usually like but it’s kind of inspired me to read more books sort of like this one! Five out of five stars on my grading scale! And I would recommend it to a lot of people too (I think adults and highschoolers and above would enjoy it).
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