Kiss My Book by Jamie Michaels

book cover of  Kiss My Book  by Jamie Michaels
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How much it cost me: Free (borrowed from my library but it’s one my Paperbackswap wish list!)
Retail Price: $7.99
Number of pages: 224
I sort of had my doubts about this book within the first chapter but I’m so glad I kept reading! I could totally relate to this book, being a book lover myself. The central character, Ruby, voiced a lot of thoughts that I had myself about getting lost in the stories of books, and just general literature for teens.
The story itself was completely adorable! I love the little town of Whispering Oaks because on vacations I’ve driven through small towns (Forks, Washington was what really came to mind when I read this. Don’t look at me like that! I did like Twilight, for a short amount of time, a LONG time ago. The town itself is adorable, except for the fact that it looks nothing like in the movies.) so I didn’t have that hard of a time imagining what life would be like for Ruby.
I loved all the other characters too and they helped move the story along at a great pace. (And of course there were those characters that you just love to hate!)
There were a few different plots going on and one of them I didn’t really appreciate how rushed it was concluded at the end. It was so rushed that I almost thought the author had forgotten about it, but then tied it up neatly at the end. I did like the overall conclusion!
I also like how Ruby had to deal with the accusations of her work being plagiarized and at the end of the story she came out a better, stronger character. In the beginning she was a little weak for me but I really loved her development! Overall, a really great book! I would give this book a Paige-Turn!
See you soon! (And Happy Black Friday shopping – I, myself don’t participate but if you get any great steals on books, let me know!)

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