Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

book cover of   Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children   by  Ransom Riggs
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Number of pages: 249
Wow this book creeped me out. But in a good way! Sometimes I would be reading this at night and I’d have to set it down and burrow deeper under the covers because it would make me feel a little safer. No book has really creeped me out like this so it was cool to read a book like that.
I absolutely loved the incorporation of pictures along with the text. It made the story seem so much more real and gave more depth to the story. The pictures themselves also thoroughly creeped me out and sometimes I would have to cover them while reading an adjoining page because the looks in some of their eyes scared me. The scare factor definitely upped the rating on this book for me, it just made it that much better.
Anyways, the main character Jacob sets out on an adventure to find Miss Peregrine and her home of peculiar children after his grandfather dies in an extremely mysterious and suspicious way. The authorities chalk it up as rabid animals but Jacob knows that something else is going on because he saw them. The monsters.
Jacob finds the house on a lonely, tiny, island and all hopes seems to be lost as he travels through the ruined house that has been eaten away by animals, and overgrown by nature with trees and plants growing straight through the house. However, by a slight chance Jacob may be able to meet the peculiar children who once lived here after all.
This book is so hard to put down into words! It’s so amazing, and quirky (and I think there might be a sequel…) There’s definitely nothing else like this book; meaning, it’s not too often that you see a young adult picture book. Nevertheless, this just shows that more authors should break the status quo and try something new because the pictures worked really really well! They didn’t overpower the book, because the plot could definitely stand on its own without the pictures but it just added the extra creepy element to the story.
If there is a second book, then I cannot wait to get my hands on it because I’d expect it to be just as fantastic as this one!
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  1. It creeped me out but in a good way too.

  2. I hated how this book just ended. The story was going along and getting real good, then poof ending! At the time there was no talk of a sequel, but I do believe they have confirmed it now. I love how all the photos are real…I hope they continue that and don't start photoshopping them.

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    -Sycho Faerie

  3. I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the comment and for following! I followed you back as well 🙂

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