Oath of Servitude by C.E. Wilson

Oath of Servitude (The Punishment Sequence)Synopsis from Goodreads.comThis is the story of Teague and Cailin, two teenagers who have been brought together by fate. Teague, a human, struggles to come to terms with the consequences of a recent accident that has destroyed the happy life that he had once enjoyed. Cailin, a pixi, is trying to stay true to herself while fighting against forces beyond her control that have exiled her from her home into this strange world of humans. She fears the darkness. He cannot escape it. But when the two of them are thrown together, they begin to discover the light inside of themselves.

Number of pages: 159
My review: Literally the first words that came out of my mouth when I finished this book was “NOOO!” I’m apparently having bad luck with books lately because all the one’s I’ve been reading keep ending on cliffhangers! Disregarding the cliffhanger component though this was a really good book-solid story, plot, characters, setting, fantasy element. This book had it going on.
Also, it’s the first book I’ve ever read about pixi’s so it was cool to explore this whole new world and then see how they interacted with humans. I liked how there was sort of that mystery element that went along with the mystical world of the pixi’s as the reader tries to figure out what happened in Cailin’s father’s past.
Something else that I really liked and that you don’t see too much in other books, or if you do it isn’t done very well, is quite a large emphasis on other characters, besides the main characters. This was done without the book becoming confusing. Like we learned bits and pieces here and there about Teague, his father Owen, also Cailin’s father Nolkrin and all her sisters and the people they are associated with, not to mention we are keeping up with all the rules of this world and the backstory of a few of the characters. I mean in that sentence right there I probably just made it a lot more confusing than it ever was in the book!
The internal struggles that each of the characters go through, not just Cailin and Teague, are really interesting to read, and in your mind you sort of have your own battle with yourself over what each character should do (like if they should do something to benefit themselves or others around them). Again, I probably made that way more confusing than it needed to be. 
I think my main point here is go read this book! It’s a lot deeper than it sounds from the synopsis and way before the end of the book you will start to care for these characters as if they were your own friends. It’s short and sweet, so check it out!
See you soon!

P.S. Thank you to the author for providing this book to me to read and review! And that cover is so gorgeous! 

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