Painted Blind by Michelle A. Hansen

Cover of Painted Blind by Michelle Hansen
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Number of pages: 331
I was thoroughly disappointed by this book. So much that I couldn’t even finish it. According to my Kindle, I got about 35% through before I said enough is enough. 
Even though this is young adult fiction, I found it too unbelievable…or relatable. I thought the characters fell in love too quickly, there wasn’t much of a set up for a back story (I would have loved to hear more about Eric and his mother’s strained relationship and more about Psyche’s life). The story was set up so quickly and in a way that just threw the reader into the next things that were happening. I felt that I read about a novels worth in one chapter and that there wasn’t enough to provide for much of a background.
Many things weren’t described fully enough too; for example, Eric’s castle could have been given a chapters worth of descriptors, but instead was giving very few. I hardly know what Psyche herself looked like because there was few descriptors about her too. 
Eric and Psyche’s love (this isn’t a spoiler, it says in the synopsis that they fall in love) was extremely hard for me to believe too. Eric was always saying that the mortals’ world moved so quickly and that he didn’t like it, yet he talks about marrying Psyche and taking her to his kingdom. That’s a little fast for either world, if you ask me.
The plot itself wasn’t going anywhere either for awhile. Even when things started to get “exciting” I couldn’t get into the story. It was so dry. The premise of the story sounds amazing, but it wasn’t executed well enough I believe.
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