Sentenced to Death by Lorna Barrett

book cover of  Sentenced to Death   (Booktown Mystery, book 5) by Lorna Barrett
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How much it cost me: $4.00 (used bookstore)
Retail price: $7.99
Number of pages: 324
I have to say I was again, a little disappointed with this book. I don’t think I’m going to read the rest of the series when it comes out because it’s just not original anymore. All the ways that she solves the murders are pretty much the same. The murders themselves are different but the solving is just dragged out for sooo long that half way through the book I find myself losing interest.
The characters need to become a little more original too. Have an exciting development! Everything that happens I’m kinda like eh whatever they’ll get over it. I don’t feel attached to them at all anymore. The main character moped and whined in this book a little more than I liked too.
I wouldn’t give this book a Paige Turn. Too boring for my tastes. Maybe the first couple were good because it was a new idea and a new series but now I’m over it. The next book comes out in March I believe if any one’s interested but you won’t be seeing me buying it.
See you soon!
P.S. Happy New Year!! I’ve started my 2012 Book Challenge through Good Reads! I’m trying to read 500 books this year! 1 down, 499 more to go!

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