Series Review – “Kate Kennedy Mysteries” by Nora Charles

Death with an Ocean ViewWho Killed Swami Schwartz?Death Is a BargainHurricane Homicide
Death Rides the Surf

Here are all the books in the series in order:

  1. Death with an Ocean View
  2. Who Killed Swami Shwartz?
  3. Death is a Bargain
  4. Hurricane Homicide
  5. Death Rides the Surf

So this is the first cozy mystery series I have ever read and I have to say I was pleasantly suprised and now I’m hooked on these types of books! This specific sereis is from an older lady’s point of view. (Kate Kennedy; a 70 or 80 year old widow who lives in Florida) I was sceptical once I found out that it was from an older perspective but I actually really liked that because the story was more mature and there were less little bickering’s here and there.
I also thought the whole series would be pretty much the same storyline in every book but it wasn’t! Of course there was a murder and Kate Kennedy and her friends solve the mystery but there’s also other smaller plots that go on along with the murder and the characters personal life that makes every story distinct and different from another.
With these books you could also read them out of order! Of course you may not understand some little mannerisms or little quirks about the characters but each story is very distinct so if you happened to have let’s say the second book before the first then you could read the second and still understand the story perfectly!
Overall, I really enjoyed this series beginning to end and I would give it a Paige-Turn! 🙂 (See my grading scale in my review of Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin)
Hope you enjoyed!

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