Snow by Tracy Lynn

book cover of  Snow  A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  by Tracy Lynn
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Number of pages: 259
I thought I had done a review on this book, but apparently I didn’t! Probably because I read this before I started this blog.
This was the first Once Upon a Time retelling book that I read, and as you might have been able to tell from the title, it’s a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s.
This is most likely my favorite OUT (Once Upon a Time) retelling. Maybe it because it was the first I had read? I’m not sure but no matter this was so good!
The story doesn’t have the 7 dwarf’s in it, but she does eventually meet up with a band of small animal/human crossbreeds. However, there is of course the evil witch, just like in any classic retelling.
The twist that was given for this fairy tale was really interesting! I just love how the stories don’t ruin the originals either. That’s what I was most afraid of when I started reading the OUT series, but that doesn’t happen at all!
Of course, I give this a Paige-Turn and I can’t wait to start reading more of these!
See you soon!

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