Snow Queen by Emma Harrison

book cover of  Snow Queen  by Emma Harrison
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How much it cost me: $3.00 (purchased at used bookstore!)
Retail Price: $5.99
Number of pages: 377
This book was such a fun and easy read! I loved every second of it and was sad to see it end. This book is one of those typical teen chick-lit books where there’s a girl and a guy, and well, you just know what’s going to happen at the end of the story! 🙂
As much as this story was predictable, it was still really good! The reading level wasn’t very high, you can just tell from reading the first few pages, but it was still great! A really good Christmas/Winter read (which is perfect because it’s Christmas today!) Anyone will just plow through this book in a few hours because it was so much fun to read and you always wanted to know what would happen next!
Overall, a great book and I definitely give this a Paige-Turn!
Merry Christmas by the way! Did you get anything good? I got a Kindle 4! Yays! But we’ll talk about that later at my end of the month haul! See you soon and Happy Hollidays!

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