Songbird by Syrie James


Synopsis from When Southern California radio deejay Desiree Germain hosts a contest on the air, she is immediately taken by the smooth, deeply masculine voice of caller number twelve, Kyle Harrison. Later that afternoon, the man behind the voice walks into her studio, and Desiree is instantly smitten. 

Kyle Harrison is not only devastatingly handsome, he is a brilliant, extremely wealthy entrepreneur from Seattle who is used to getting what he wants. Desiree can’t help her attraction to Kyle—and if the intense way he looks at her and keeps delaying his flight back to Seattle is any indication, it seems her feelings are more than reciprocated. 

They embark on a thrilling, passionate love affair that plays havoc with the life Desiree has struggled so hard to carefully control. With a divorce under her belt and her career finally going places, she is concerned that their whirlwind romance is doomed to long-distance failure.

It might take a Maserati, dozens of red roses, and a lot of airplane tickets, but Kyle is determined to sweep Desiree off her feet and claim her as his own—forever. Can Kyle convince Desiree to risk her heart and her career for love? 

Sexy, witty, tender, and deeply poignant, Songbird is a page-turning tale that will ignite your senses and bring a smile to your heart. 

Number of pages: 236
My review: I have read three of Syrie James’ other books and I have loved all of them, and this being the fourth it was just as good! When I was contacted to read and review this book I was ecstatic because I can always rely on Syrie James’ works to be a breath of fresh air, so to speak, in the reading sphere. She writes flawlessly and clearly and it doesn’t seem fake or overdone at all. Her words roll right off the page and causes you to finish her novels quickly not only because the plots are so good, but because the writing itself is an excellent piece of art too.
And Syrie James has lived up to my expectations once I again! I flew through Songbird! It was amazing on all sorts of levels; there was really good plot and character development, so you actually felt for the characters instead of just lazing along wondering what would happen to them. The setting was believable (extremely believable for me since I have been to/live around the Southern California area and I have been to Seattle as well). However, for people who hadn’t been to either area, Syrie James did a good job of describing what each setting looked like including all the sights, sounds, and hustle and bustle of each city.
The romance between Kyle and Desiree sometimes became a little too unbelievable for me (they fell in love after only 3 weeks? Seems a tad fast) but overlooking that their relationship was very adorable (I especially loved the scene where Desiree met Kyle’s family).
Anyways, it was truly a great read and perfect for February and that Valentine’s Day feel! I would recommend this for older teens and adults since sometimes it gets a little…saucy; let’s put it that way.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. Thanks, Paige, for your wonderful review of my novel! You're right, Kyle and Desiree do fall in love really fast…but that's because the story is inspired by my own romance with my husband. We fell madly in love overnight and became engaged three weeks later! We just celebrated 37 years of marriage and couldn't be happier together, so I guess we did something right! I know it's rare, but sometimes there really is magic in the air when two people meet, and things can happen really fast. As one of my characters says in Propositions, the sequel to Songbird, “When you know, you know.” Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Ms. James,
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review it! Congratulations on your 37 years that's very inspiring and heart warming to hear! I wish you all the luck with your husband and many more successful years to come! Happy Valentine's day!

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