Suite Dreams by Rachel Hawthorne

book cover of   Suite Dreams   by  Rachel Hawthorne
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Number of pages: 288
Rachel Hawthorne does it again with another cute teen chick lit book! Her books are such light and fun reads (perfect for the summer) and, like I’ve said before, even though they may be a little predictable, they’re still very, very good.
Actually, this book wasn’t as predictable as I thought. There were a few twists that surprised me and the story, near the end, didn’t follow her usual form of writing/endings like the rest of her books. So, it was nice to see a change up.
Suite Dreams takes place in Vermont where it is currently snowing up a storm! (Pun intended) Alyssa is currently on winter break from classes at college, but she is still taking an extra class, in the hopes that it will help her graduate early. Alyssa’s boyfriend, well not really because they decided to take a break, signed up for the couch surfing program and flew off to Australia where he will crash on people’s couches. In exchange for Rick, her (ex)boyfriend, flying there, another guy flew to Vermont to take his place and surf on people’s couches. The Australian that comes back is, of course, a really hot guy, and he ends up staying on Alyssa’s couch.
She is confused with her feelings towards Jude, the Australian, because she recently “broke up” with her boyfriend, she knows Jude will be leaving at the end of the break, she doesn’t know if he feels the same, and she doesn’t want to get distracted with boys if she’s taking an extra class. However, a lot of situations arise which change her mind about a lot of her dilemmas (Go read it and find out what happens! I don’t want to spoil it!)
I really liked this book! Rachel Hawthorne’s writing is simple, doesn’t require you to think to hard, and the stories are always adorable and have you rooting for the main characters from page one. However, some of her characters could be considered “Mary Sue’s” (a character that is not described that well and could fall into any category of looking like someone. Generally used so the reader can relate to the main character and imagine themselves as that character. Bella Swan. Need I say more?). Alyssa was running a little into the Mary Sue category for me. I had to go look up her name!
The same can be said of the boys too. The boys in Rachel Hawthorne’s books are all the same pretty much except for one major factor. In this case, he was Australian. However, the settings are described beautifully and really transports you to where the characters are so that kind of makes up for the lack of character descriptions. 
I would definitely recommend her books though! Light, fun, easy, reads that are fairly short! Go check them out!
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