Sun-Kissed Christmas by Katherine Applegate

Sun-Kissed Christmas (Summer, #8)Synopsis from Goodreads: All she wants for Christmas… Summer is headed to the Keys for winter break, but what should be a fun-in-the-sun holiday is becoming unbearable. Summer hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her ex-boyfriend, Austin, since their summer romance fizzled, and she can’t stand seeing him at the beach with his new girlfriend….

Now Austin is everywhere she goes. She’s reminded of how much fun they had, how gorgeous he is, and what she really wants is what she can’t have. Will it take a Christmas miracle for Summer to survive this holiday season? Or will the mistletoe work its magic?

Number of pages: 208
My review: In my previous review of Tan Lines, which is the book that comes before this I had said that that specific book put my faith back in the series, but now with this conclusion I’m kinda iffy on the whole thing. So, let’s review:
Summer (the first omnibus in the series) was fantastic. I’ve read it multiple times and is the perfect summer romance novel.
Spring Break (the follow up novel) wasn’t that good. A little too predictable and perfect, and definitely wasn’t one of my favorites in the series.
Tan Lines (the novel that follows Spring Break and the second omnibus) was also really good. Another good summer romance novel and something I’ll probably read each summer.
Sun-Kissed Christmas (the last stand alone novel in the series, and the final book) also wasn’t that good. Too perfect, and honestly you can read the first chapter and the last chapter and not waste all your time reading all the stuff in the middle because nothing really happens (seriously the first words out of my mouth when I finished were, “That’s it!?”),
Well, I take that back, nothing happens with Summer herself but I liked seeing what Diana and Marquez got themselves into this time around. The one awesome character that I liked meeting was Austin’s great uncle Harris. He was pretty cool and I liked the scenes where he was in the picture.
I think the main problem I had with this last book in the series was there was so many loose ends. All the previous books have sort of tied everything up nicely, but not this one. I still had so many questions and this book seriously could have been a lot longer. I felt like everything was really rushed and was pushing more the seasonal mood of Christmas more than the plot itself. Plus, you can literally read the whole book in an hour or so because it’s that short, and that easy of reading.
Definitely the weakest novel in the whole series, I think. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I read it because it sort of continues the story for some points that were kinda left undone in Tan Lines, but then I was just left with more questions at the end again. And I don’t think there will be another book after this. I don’t see how this whole series could be pushed on any further. Sometimes I felt that I should be more infuriated with some of the characters with their actions but at this point I just said screw it and figured that this whole novel would be a repeat of the last one’s with their little perfect endings and perfect lives (which wasn’t totally true, but I think I’ve given up caring for the characters).
Anyways, I’d still check it out if you’ve read the other books in the series, but don’t go looking for a lot of closure in this book because you won’t get it.
See you soon!

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