Talent by Zoey Dean

book cover of  Talent   (Talent, book 1) by Zoey Dean
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Number of pages: 288
So, in this book there is a group of three friends (Mac, Coco, and Becks) and they are 8th graders so they’re about 12 years old and they live in Hollywood. All of the girls parents are rich executives or agents, so the girls often name drop about stars and fashion labels and up scale stores. (Think Reese Witherspoon, Louis Vuitton, and Fred Segal)
Mac, Coco, and Becks are the most popular girls at their school Bel-Air Middle School (commonly referred to as BAMS throughout the book) So they sometimes act stuck up but it’s actually very occasional which I really liked. Anyways, there’s a position that Mac (the leader of the group) is vying for called the Social Chair. Essentially the Social Chair makes all the decisions for the school and it’s really like a popularity contest.
Mac thinks she has the votes in the bag for the position, but then another girl (Ruby) comes back over the summer from looking like a loser to a hottie. She is also now vying for the Social Chair position and Mac feels that she isn’t talented at anything and needs to come up with an idea to prove she has talent so her fellow peers will elect her for this Social Chair position.
Mac decides to try to become an agent just like her mom and discovers Emily, who is visiting from Iowa with her mom and best friend Paige (eep! That’s me! Hahaha!). Emily proves that she can truly act and Mac attempts to land her a role in the newest movie with Emily’s celebrity crush Davey.
The story goes on through the twists and turns of the four girls’ adventure of trying to land Emily this role. Coco and Becks also have smaller side stories that tie into the plot which are also enjoyable to read about. The ending was a little predictable but in a good way! Also, kind of a cliff-hanger ending so I can’t wait to start the next book in this three part series.
I seriously loved this book. It was SO good! I love these trashy books where 12-year-olds try to act like their 20 and I adore all the name dropping of the fashion designers and stars.
The one thing that kind of irked me was how quickly Emily’s supposed BFF Paige was dropped so quickly. Emily goes off to hang out with Mac, Coco, and Becks and Paige first off hardly even cares and Emily barely gives Paige a backward glance. (It was originally Paige who wanted to come to L.A. to become a star and now her friend stole that from her and she’s being supportive? What!? I would’ve been furious! Maybe that’s just me though…)
It was also a really quick read and since the story does take place in the summer I can imagine reading this by the pool or at the beach in the summertime.
I believe the next book takes place when the girls are actually in school so we will see if Mac is able to become Social Chair! I can’t wait!
See you soon!

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