The Allegra Biscotti Collection by Olivia Bennett

The Allegra Biscotti Collection: Book 1Synopsis from Goodreads: She could be a world-famous fashion designer-but can she pass the 8th grade?

By day, Emma Rose is a quiet, under-the-radar student who doesn’t mix with the popular set. But when school’s out, she becomes Queen of the Runway-whipping up cutting-edge designs.
When Emma is discovered by a well-known fashionista, the pseudonym Allegra Biscotti is born to protect her from the lime light. She soon discovers balancing a secret identity, boys, school, and friends isn’t as easy as she thought.
This fashion-themed series features doodles throughout the book-two-color illustrations are found as chapter openers and in the margins-adding tons of delicious style detail!

My review: Even though this book is probably targeted at girls in middle school, I definitely still enjoyed it as a senior in high school. It was fun, fast paced, and if you love fashion books then this is definitely the one for you! (There’s even pictures so you can visualize the clothes better, which I thought was really well integrated into the novel, without it being distracting) Also, one of the characters’ names is Paige, so how could it get much better than that?

Also, there are a couple of other books in the series, but you can get away with just reading this one (the first one) and feeling satisfied with where it ended. Honestly, this was such a cute book, and it discusses everything from changing friendships, keeping secrets, academic struggles, and of course fashion! So it’s a great coming of age story, without it being to in your face like “Hey! This is coming of age!”
A seriously adorable novel, that can appeal to a large variety of girls. I would definitely recommend picking this up as a cute and quick read!
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  1. I love this book it is such a paige tuner and i really don't like to read at all I am so happy I have finally found a novel that I am in to and like to read.

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