The Aristocrat’s Lady by Mary Moore

The Aristocrat's LadySynopsis from Goodreads: “An Unexpected Encounter”For a few moments on a moonlit balcony, Nicole Beaumont was just a beautiful woman catching the eye of the handsome Lord Devlin–but she knew the illusion couldn’t last. If the enigmatic aristocrat knew her secret, he’d realize that her disability left her unfit for love. So who could blame her for hiding the truth a little longer?

Devlin had never met a woman like Nicole. Her unique combination of innocence and wisdom left him utterly intrigued. Yet what was she hiding? For a man who did not trust easily, discovering her secret was devastating. Overcoming their pasts and forging a future would take faith, forgiveness and trust. And second chances could lead to new beginnings…

Number of pages: 288
My review: This is the second Love Inspired Harlequin Historical Romance I have read, and I have to say it was a huge let down after the first one I read. It was just so mediocre. I couldn’t connect to any of the characters and the story line dragged on and on. I just couldn’t get into it.
I almost gave up on the whole thing, but I figured I might as well finish to see if it got any better towards the end. And I have to say that there was literally one scene in the whole book I found “exciting.” I didn’t feel the romance, the characters had no chemistry, and the whole novel I just kept wondering what are all these secrets from both Lady Nicole and Lord Devlin? That was so distracting and I guess the secrets were revealed later in the book to build suspense, but I found that when everything was being revealed I just didn’t care.
At one point I just jumped about 50 pages just to keep the book moving and to get further into the book, and I didn’t miss much. From what they talked about later on I figured out what had happened when I skipped. Also around the 200-250ish page mark I was simply skimming the novel and not really reading.
Overall, I think it was just dull, and could have been filled with more romance and action. The only part I really seemed to like was the fact that it was historical fiction.
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  2. Hi! I'm Alejandro Saenz from your friends on Goodreads. I like how you wrote the review. A negative review is as useful as a positive one. I always support an honest review.

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