The Book of the Shadow by Carrie Asai

book cover of  The Book of the Shadow   (Samurai Girl, book 2) by Carrie Asai
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Number of pages: 215
(I love how squat and square these books are!)
This was a really good sequel to the first book. Tons of action and there was more romance integrated into this book!
As I was reading through one part of the book, I felt that Heaven was beginning to become a little whiny but then again, her brother had been killed and she had been attacked multiple times. I got over that thought pretty quickly. The story plot seemed a tiny bit repetitive. There was various small fighting scenes, which lead to the main focus of a large fight at the end of the story. (Same as the first book.)
I did like how this book focused less on her parents and more on other kids or adults(?) around her age. More of the people she knew.
I don’t think I will be reading the next books in the series because I’ve sort of lost interest for the series because it was a bit repetitive. I really like how more and more of the entire story develops over the course of the books. It doesn’t feel like it’s just being made up as it goes along but that it’s been strategically plotted out to avoid plot holes.
Great book! I give this the Paige-Turner stamp of approval! Check it out!
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