The Book of the Sword by Carrie Asai

book cover of  The Book of the Sword   (Samurai Girl, book 1) by Carrie Asai
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Number of pages: 214
When I saw this book in my used bookstore I HAD to pick it up. I had read the back and I remembered watching a miniseries called Samurai Girl on ABC Family 2 or 3 years ago and this book is what that little series was based off of! (There’s an entire series of like 6 books I found out!) So I grabbed the first two in the series because they were there and I might order the rest later.
Anyways, the first book was great! The point of view is through Heaven, but you also get little snippets of other characters diaries or thoughts which is really beneficial to the story. There’s also really cool illustrations throughout the book. Normally, I don’t really notice illustrations but these were really nice and they flowed with the story.
I love books like these that take place in the early 2000’s because it was a time I remember growing up in and it’s cool to have them describe bands and clothing styles that were popular at the time. (Leather pants and Backstreet Boys anyone?) It’s just cool to kinda reminisce.
Tons of action and a little romance but I actually liked the action better in this book. Normally I’m a romance girl, but I just loved all the fighting and sword-play! I also really liked how they incorporated the Japanese culture and how Heaven has to cope with being in America and not understanding all our ways and crazy sayings.
I can’t wait for the next book and this is a definite Paige-Turner!!!
See you soon!
P.S. Sorry I didn’t post anything in awhile, I’m having finals this week and I’ve been studying like crazy!

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