The Daughters Break the Rules by Joanna Philbin

book cover of   The Daughters Break the Rules    (Daughters, book 2)  by  Joanna Philbin
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Number of pages: 276
Once again Joanna Philbin does an excellent job with her writing! In this second installment to the Daughter series, we follow Carina Jurgensen around on her adventures. Carina is the daughter of the billionaire Karl Jurgensen, and when Carina puts some incriminating information about him on the Web he sends her to California. Once in California, however, her mother’s attorney alerts Karl that he cannot move Carina according to court order so they travel back to New York where he cuts her off; no credit cards, no money, no driver, nothing.
She starts out with a $20 a week allowance, and it’s actually quite hilarious to see how she has to deal with being “penniless” (I think this book has some underlying tones of money management in it, and kind of shows people that money isn’t everything).
So, Carina gets a job as a party planner and we see how she hides from people the fact that she’s penniless and can’t afford to hire people for this party. It was also nice to see how she dealt with the social pressures of her high school; even though she is famous, she is portrayed as an everyday girl who has to go through the same things that other girls go through everyday.
This book had a lot more ups and downs than the first book and it was just as fun to read. It also focuses more on just Carina and not so much the other girls. There’s more cat fights between the friends too which I wasn’t expecting at all. However, it was nice to see that they are human, and have fights just like the rest of us.
Overall, a great read and I can’t wait for the next one (actually, I already started it!!). I can’t wait to see how the characters grow even more in the next two books!
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