The Daughters by Joanna Philbin

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Number of pages: 275
This is actually my second read through of this book! (And it was just as good as I remembered!) I read this last year or the year before, but the sequels weren’t out yet so when I did purchase the second and third books I had to reread this because I couldn’t remember what happened.
So The Daughters follows three teenage girls who are the daughters of famous people. Lizzie Summers is the daughter of a supermodel (Katia Summers, I imagined her like Heidi Klum), Carina Jurgensen is the daughter of a multi-billion dollar father (Karl Jurgensen, I imagined him like Bill Gates..? Or someone else as equally rich), and finally Hudson Jones the daughter of a multi-platinum singer Holla Jones (I imagined her like Whitney Houston or Celine Dion).
Throughout the story we see how the three girls deal with everyday obstacles like school, boys, and their parents but there’s always an exciting twist about how the girls will go to Fashion Week or drop thousands of dollars while shopping like it’s chump change. (As you know I absolutely love stories where there’s tons of name dropping and famous starlets.)
This book in The Daughters series primarily follows Lizzie as she goes through finding herself as a writer and possibly model. We see how she deals with the ruthless individuals in the fashion industry but also manages to stay true to her friends and schoolwork.
The characters seemed so honest in this book. They weren’t superficial at all and I felt like I could totally relate to them. It seemed like a true insight into being the daughter of a famous person…(as it should because Joanna Philbin, daughter of Regis Philbin wrote the books!)
The writing style is fantastic and I hope the other books live up to my expectations! I can’t wait to continue the series! If you’re a fan of The Clique or Secrets of My Hollywood Life series’ then you will love this!
See you soon!

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