The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Number of pages: 308
Another impeccable book in the Last Survivors series. This book was written from a different point of view of a different kid in a different location. The main character, Alex, lives in New York when the moon is moved closer to Earth and the book follows all of his ups and downs of surviving. Neither of Alex’s parents are home when the disaster strikes and throughout the story Alex and his two sisters go through the turmoil of wondering whether or not they are dead. I felt that the three siblings had an easier time of surviving than Miranda and her family did in the previous book. Alex and his sisters always had a constant way of getting food and their apartment building had heat for 90% of the story so I felt there situation was a little easier to live in. Alex and his sister started with less but eventually it seemed that they had more as time passed. Alex also had a variety of ways to possibly escape New York and save himself. However, I don’t want to spoil the ending and say how he and his sisters managed.
This story, like the last one, kinda has the same thing going on everyday but this story progressed and changed more quickly because Alex was able to go outside and walk around more than Miranda and her family was able too. It was also a little more predictable in terms of what was happening with the weather because all of that was already experienced in the first book, and this is going back to the beginning just in a different place, so it was still cool to see how different people dealt with the changing weather.
In the next story I believe the two kids will be meeting and we will be able to see how they live together in this post-apocalyptic world! I can’t wait to start reading the next one! Plus I can’t wait to see if the world will ever put itself back together and if things will go back to normal!
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