The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

book cover of  The Glass Menagerie  by Tennessee Williams
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Number of pages: 97
So we just finished reading this book in school and I loved it! The ending was a total surprise and I felt really sad!! Can I admit that I teared up a little on the inside?
Anyways, I had my doubts going into this because we had to read it in school, but of course I was the odd child out who sat there the entire class period and read ahead while everyone else was still on scene one.
It is sort of slow to get into but the ending is totally worth it. The conclusion makes this story the great piece of literature that it is.
I love the time period that it’s set in too! (1944) It’s beautifully written, easy to read, and so much fun to read too. Our main characters all bounce off each other with their different quirks and gimmicks. For example, Tom, our narrator, is calm and cool. Icy cool if you must. His sister Laura is a quiet, shy, and fanatic of glass miniatures. Their mother Amanda is loud, boisterous, and so much fun to hate. And of course the gentleman caller Jim is the suave and sexy boy that every tale needs.
Actually, not a lot of people in my class liked it because they thought it was boring, but I loved it! I would say check it out to broaden your view of plays and to become more educated. It’s quick and easy to read like I said!
See you soon!
P.S. Again sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve been so busy and I’m almost finished reading my next book! See you soon!

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