The Night Dance by Suzanne Weyn

book cover of  The Night Dance  by Suzanne Weyn
Read a synopsis here!
How much it cost me: Around $2-$3 (bought at used bookstore)
Retail price: $6.00
Number of pages: 193
So I realized today that unless you read my synopsis link you have no idea what I’m talking about sometimes, when I do these reviews. So just a warning! Please read the synopsis to further understand what I’m talking about! (And that site that it always takes you to for the synopsis’ is wonderful! Search any author/book and it will give you all the books in order for that series and all the books the author has written. Love it!)
Anyways, as of all the books that I’ve read in the Once Upon a Time series, I LOVED this one! This specific one was a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I’ve never read or heard of the Twelve Dancing Princess so I had to Google the story and I found a quick synopsis, so that I could understand The Night Dance better.)
The story itself was predictable but it’s a fairy tale! The story was so cute, I loved everything about it and the way Suzanne Weyn described everything was so eloquent! I could see the dresses and walk the halls of the expansive manor. Just beautifully written!
It’s a fairly (no pun intended) short read, so if you love fairy tales I would definitely check this out. Really fun read too!
Hope you enjoyed!

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