The Rose Bride by Nancy Holder

book cover of  The Rose Bride  by Nancy Holder
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Number of pages: 245
This is the fourth book I’ve read in the Once Upon a Time retelling series and it was just as good as the other one’s I’ve read! This is the retelling of “The White Bride and the Black Bride” and I had actually never heard of that fairy tale so I looked it up here. This retelling wasn’t as predictable as the other stories that I’ve read, especially near the end. I was really surprised about that and it could have to do with the fact that this is a lesser known fairy tale so many people may not know the outcome.
The way that this book is written is so beautiful. The description of all the flowing dresses and beautiful roses is just amazing. It really sucks you into the story and makes you feel like you’re there.
Some of the characters also speak sporadic French throughout the story. You may have to look up some words or phrases (I did not because I’ve taken 2 French classes!) The words are really basic though, like please, thank you, bonjour, and the like.
Overall a great read! I wholeheartedly give this a Paige-Turn and I can’t wait to start reading more of the series!!
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