The Royals of Cordina: Bennett & Camilla (The Playboy Prince & Cordina’s Crown Jewel) by Nora Roberts

Bennett & Camilla: The Playboy PrinceCordina's Crown Jewel

Synopsis from Goodreads: #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Roberts presents two timeless stories of happily-ever-afters in these classic tales about Cordina’s Royal FamilyThe Playboy Prince
When it comes to women, Prince Bennett has always enjoyed a challenge. So after meeting the quiet and beautiful Lady Hannah Rothchild, the dashing playboy cannot rest until he breaks through her careful reserve. Love had always been a game to Bennett, but with this elusive, mysterious woman he discovers his heart is on the line, and he’s playing for keeps.…
Cordina’s Crown Jewel
For a few precious weeks, Her Royal Highness Camilla de Cordina could be just plain Camilla MacGee. Working in rural Vermont for the devastatingly handsome and utterly cantankerous archaeologist Delaney Caine is the perfect refuge. But Camilla’s irritation with the man soon turns into fascination, then desire, and the royal runaway knows she’ll have to confess. Would Del see her as a woman to be loved, or dismiss her as a royal pain?

Number of pages: 475
My review: This was another Nora Roberts book that had two romance stories in one. So I’ll review them separately and then compare the two.

The first one “Bennett,” or, “The Playboy Prince” was not as good as “Camilla”, or, “Cordina’s Crown Jewel.” Both stories take place within a fictional country named Cordina and Bennet is a royal prince and Camilla is a royal princess. Bennett is Camilla’s uncle.
The Playboy Prince really confused me. The two love interests, Bennett and Hannah, didn’t suck me in as much as Camilla’s story, or even any other Nora Roberts romance. I was confused as to what Hannah’s purpose was within the Cordina palace. I wasn’t sure if she was on their side or not (Hannah is sort of an undercover agent who works for her country and also works as a double agent for the enemy, Deboque). However, it wasn’t until halfway through the story that I really realized she was not working solely for the enemy. However, that could have been my own incompetence. Harhar.
Overall, I liked Bennett’s story though. There was more action and adventure than I was used to in a Nora Roberts novel. It was sweet and not totally overdone. It didn’t feel like she was trying too hard.
Camilla’s story on the other hand simply blew me away. I LOVED it. Basically Camilla takes a break from here palatial life and goes off on her own to try to tough out her own life. Moving from town to town until she gets into a car accident and the grouchy, yet sexy, Dr. Delaney Caine picks her up and gives her a place to stay until her car gets fixed. He also gives her a job and slowly they get to know each other even though Del stays grouchy and, at times, unresponsive. Obviously, they begin to develop feelings for one and other, but Del still doesn’t know that she is a princess. And the rest? Well read it to find out. I just loved their confrontations with each other and enjoyed reading about the two of them. There was never a dull moment.
If you love romance and royal prince and princesses than you should totally pick this up. These are actually the third and fourth books in the Royals of Cordina stories. I can’t wait to read the first two!
See you soon!

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