Thrill Ride by Rachel Hawthorne

book cover of   Thrill Ride   by  Rachel Hawthorne
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Number of pages: 297
I love all books by Rachel Hawthorne. There so sweet, cute, and innocent, and this one was no different. Sure, they’re a little predictable but that’s half the fun! (Especially if you predict it wrong and get a total shock at the end!)
So, in this short book we follow Megan as she works at an amusement park over the summer, away from her family arguing over her sister’s wedding (Pro as Megan would say) and also away from her boyfriend of 3 months (Con).
Megan describes her conflicted feelings over leaving her home, to adventure out at the amusement Thrill Ride! and how excited she is to meet new people, but that she’s going to really miss her boyfriend Nick. Once Megan gets to the park she is excited to start working as a cashier in the Hansel and Gretel store (where she has to dress in a hideous outfit) but there’s a plus! There’s a cute co-worker who works at the biggest roller coaster in the park. Megan doesn’t like roller coasters and is constantly explaining to people why she doesn’t want to ride them, and this co-worker, Parker, tries unsuccessfully to not only get her on the roller coaster but also to win over her heart.
From there on it goes through a whole story of trials and tribulations of both Megan and Parker of containing their feelings and working hard.
It was such a cute story, and like I said before a little predictable but I like these books that way. It makes your root for the right characters right from the beginning. What I liked about this book was Megan didn’t become a Mary-Sue at all! She was her own person with great characteristics.
I gave this five out of five stars on Goodreads because I love these novels! Check it out! And there’s some great quotes too like, “That relationships were a lot like roller coasters, filled with highs and lows, terrifying split seconds, and awesome moments when you simply enjoyed the ride.”
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