To Catch a Pirate by Jade Parker

book cover of  To Catch a Pirate  by Jade Parker
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Number of pages: 230
*Insert sigh of happy content here*…That’s the reaction I had when I finished this book. It was such a cute love story that had a ton of action from the get-go!
I was actually surprised how much action and fighting there was in this story but it totally worked and I loved every minute of it! Think of this book as Pirates of the Caribbean but amplify the romance by 75%
Such a good book!!! I loved that the main character, Anna, was a captain of her own ship, because that was unheard of during those times. (About 1720)
Typical, chick lit teen book but it was so good! I totally give this a Paige-Turn and if you like books by Rachel Hawthorne or Kate Brian you will LOVE this book!
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