You Know You Love Me by Cecily von Ziegesar

book cover of  You Know You Love Me   (Gossip Girl, book 2) by Cecily von Ziegesar
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How much it cost me: Free! (Paperbackswap, of course)
Retail Price: $8.99
Number of pages: 240
Yep it’s official I love Gossip Girl! The books are always so witty and I love how the story will be told and then some unknown person (Gossip Girl I presume) will come in and make some sarcastic comment.
There’s was a lot more sex and drug references in this book than the first one but I don’t think it took away from the story. Such a fun read! I don’t really want to say much about it in case you haven’t read the first one so all I can say is read them! Even if they’re your guilty pleasure! Just do it! I would give this book a Paige-Turn.
Okay! Now a mini update!
I’m going to be finishing the rest of the Gossip Girl series but I’m not going to do reviews on each and everyone, but when I’m finished with the series I will do a series review. I’m sure I’ll get through all the books quickly, but I can’t garuntee it! In between books I will probably read some stand alone novels and do some reviews but not too many because I don’t want to get confused in the Gossip Girl series. See you soon!

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