The Booky Wooky Tag!

So here’s another little way for you to get to know me!! This is an oldy but goody tag! 🙂 Enjoy!
1. Name a book you would take on a long flight
Normally I take 2 Agatha Christie books with me because they’re light easy reads, or I’ll take some required reading (if I have a project or something) so that I force myself to read it and I get less distracted. But usually I take mysteries.
2. What is your guilty pleasure?
I’m staying strictly to books so I’m going to say cozy mysteries. I’m a total cozy mystery freak! (If you don’t know what they are check out this amazing site!) I always buy a TON whenever I go to my used bookstore because they are so cheap! Hahaha I really need more money…blah!
3. Name 3 characters from any book that you wish you could be friends with
I would choose, Liz from Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, (see my review here) Kaitlin from the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series by Jen Calonita, and Maggie from the Leaving Paradise series by Simone Elkeles.
4. What is your shoe size?
It ranges from 6 and a half to 7 but it depends on the shoe 🙂
5. If you could write your own book name the title and give a brief synopsis
Okay sorry I’m cheating on this one! I can’t write for crap! I mean I can if I try but I would rather edit books (that’s what my dream job is!!) So give me any book that YOU write and I’ll edit it but I won’t write it! Hahaha!
6. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Oh man I’m a sucker for the Cold Stone (I’m not sure of the exact name) Cake Batter ice cream. Top it off with some graham cracker crust? Yummy!!
7. What book are you currently reading?
The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie (I will have a review soon! I’m half-way through it and it’s one of my favorite Agatha Christie’s. I can already tell!!)
8. In what room do you film your Youtube videos?
Well since I have a blog, I write my entries in my room underneath my window. (This way I can just look outside for inspiration, but it’s also in a little cozy corner next to my bookshelf so I can curl up with a book while I take a break from posting stuff on here!)
9. What is the best YA series you’ve ever read?
Oh man I can’t believe I have to choose!! They’re all so good! I would have to say the Clique series by Lisi Harrison. I love that series to death (really all of Lisi Harrion’s work!) and it’s just….read it, is all I can say! 🙂
10. What is your best physical attribute?
This is going to sound weird but my eyebrows! I get complimented on them a lot. Also weird…moving on hahahaha!
11. Do you like manga or comics? If so name your favorite
I can see myself getting into manga but the thing is I read them in like half an hour and I don’t think they’re the best literature out there so I don’t waste my money on them. However I’ll get them from the library for a quick read!
12. Do you sleep on your side or your stomach?
13. Favorite bookmark
I don’t really have a favorite actually! I just use whatever piece of paper happens to be nearby and then that’s my bookmark for the rest of the book!
14. What song are you listening to right now?
The One That Got Away by Katy Perry! I love this song!!!
15. Worst summer job you’ve ever had
Well I’ve never had a summer job but last summer I had to write a 25 page essay for a class that I’m currently taking this year. (I got an A on it!!!!!)
16. Favorite Band or favorite type of music
Maroon 5!!!!!!! I love them!!
Alright that’s it! See you soon!

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