#BookBlogWriMo – Day 9


Day 9: Your Blogging Workflow

(Lifters can take their #gymflow and shove it. Share your blogging process and rituals using the hashtag #blogflow)

I would say my #blogflow begins with me being extremely anal about my blogging schedule! I am a very organized person in all aspects of my life so when I feel like I’m falling even the slightest behind on reviews (like I have lately) I organize the crap out of my schedule. That notebook I mentioned earlier of all my reviews and posts coming up helps me so much along with color coding and using a ton of different calendars (I’m not even kidding I use at least 4 different one’s for everyday life to schedule school and work). It never hurts to be organized!

What is your #blogflow?

4 Replies to “#BookBlogWriMo – Day 9”

  1. Are you a list person? I love a good list. I’m not nearly as organised as you sound though. I like to think that I am.. But I’m more organised chaos than actually ‘organised’. Heh.

    1. Is it embarrassing to admit that I have at least 4 To-Do lists going at any one point? One for homework, one for work, one for running errands, etc. *hides in shame*

      1. Ooh. But a list is a good thing. Lists make me feel productive… My only problem is I enjoy making the lists, I just don’t enjoy finishing the tasks on them…

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