Hey everyone! As many of you know, NaNoWriMo is coming up and I’m sure many of you are preparing diligently! Seeing as how I don’t plan on trying to write a complete draft for a novel in November (because let’s face it I’m too busy and too scared) I thought I would take part in Bookish Bumbling’s #BookBlogWriMo! Here’s all the nitty gritty information stuff:

What is #BookBlogWriMo?

Basically, it’s a lax version of NaNoWriMo for book bloggers. I created prompts for each day, discussing different topics around books, blogging, and books + blogging.

There’s no word count requirement, no daily writing requirement, very little requirements in general. Just post the posts on the day they should be posted!

Your answers to the prompts can be as short or long as you like. I know that even though I came up with the topics, I know I’m not going to have a lot to say for some of them. Those posts will probably be a measly 250 words. Other days have topics I’m really passionate about, and those might end up being 1,000+ words.

You can also write them whenever you want to. Hell, I’ve already started outlining some since I know November is going to be a busy month. You can write seven posts each Saturday. Hell, you can write all 30 posts tomorrow. As long as they’re posted on the right day, it’s all good.

How Does It Work?

I have a link up at the bottom of this post. The first thing you do is post an announcement that you’re participating in #BookBlogWriMo. Say what you want. Call me stupid. Call me crazy. Share your favorite breakfast foods. Add that post’s URL to the link up.

But make sure you include the #BookBlogWriMo schedule using the embed code below. Then, grow to love this post. Because every time you publish a new BookBlogWriMo post, you’re going to add a link to this post you love so much.

Just a bulleted list is all good. This is just to make it easy for other participants to find all of your posts.



November 1: History of Your Blog

November 2: How You Read

November 3: Where You Read

November 4: Why You Blog

November 5: Where You Blog

November 6: Favorite Childhood Books

November 7: #FlashBackFriday – Blog’s First Design

November 8: Your Blogging Toolkit

November 9: Your Blogging Workflow

November 10: Memes you Meme

November 11: #TopTenTuesday – Most Popular Posts

November 12: Advice for Newbie Bloggers

November 13: Your Review Process

November 14: Your Ratings System

November 15: Favorite Book Blogging Things

November 16: Least Favorite Book Blogging Things

November 17: Favorite Book Tropes

November 18: Favorite Subgenres

November 19: #WaitingOnWednesday – TBR Books

November 20: #TBT – Best Books of 2014

November 21: #FlashBackFriday – Your First Reviews

November 22: #ShowMeYourShelves

November 23: Book Boyfriend Criteria

November 24: Reading Cave Fantasies

November 25: How You Deal with Book Hangovers

November 26: Cheating On Books: TV & Movies

November 27: Authors You’re Thankful For

November 28: Book Pet Peeves

November 29: The Future of Your Blog

November 30: #BookBlogWriMo – Wrap Up

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  1. Thanks so much for signing up for the challenge, Paige! Look out for an email from me later this week!

    1. Yay! So excited 😀 *eagerly refreshes email inbox*

  2. […] I had so much fun with this challenge! I had to really discipline myself and get all my posts up in time (or play catch-up on a few days) but all the topics were really interesting and I had a ton of fun looking at my blog in a different light sometimes and really considering why I do what I do. Reading everyone else’s posts were fun too and I want to thank everyone who put up with my incessant emails about new posts all through this month. (You can check out a master list of all my posts here!) […]

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